"Galvanized & Black ERW Steel Pipes & Tubes | Steel Tubular Poles"

Quality Policy

Roll Tubes Ltd. modern pipe mills are fully automated to achieve a high degree of quality. The commendable reputation for reliability and quality which RTL has earned is due to strict uncompromising standard of quality. The concept of total quality control is inbuilt in organizational structure which effectively integrates development, maintenance & improvement of quality efforts at various group levels, thus the final products fully meets customer needs at the most economical level. All pipes are pased through a series of tests which undergoing various processess for the quickest & best results. RTL aims to achieve total customer satisfaction and has adopted total quality management approach. Various S.Q.C. techniques are used to minimize defects and ensure top quality. Some of the advanced techniques used that includes:

ERW - A sophisticated Electric Resistance Welding procedure using the parent metal to fuse the edges, thus maintaining the same chemistry in the final product with only a fractional change in grain structure.

SEAM ANNEALING - The on-line seam annealing system is used to uniformly balance the grain structure.

DEBEADING - The internal bead of pipes can be trimmed to require height as per customer's requirement.