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S.No. Particular Dimension
1 Over all length of the pole 8.5Mtrs
2 Depth of plantation 1.5Mtrs
3 Min ultimate traverse load 450Kgms. acting at 300mm below top
4 Weight of pole in Kg. 418Kgms.
5 Factor of safety 2.5
6 Working load appliedacting at 300mm below top 180Kgms
7 Volume of pole in Cubic Mtr. 0.174 Cubic meter
8 Dimension of pole
(a) Top Dimension 90x145mm
(b) Bottom Dimension 90x300mm
9 Quantity of material used in manufacture of each PCC pole
(i) Cement 100Kgs. App.
(ii) Aggregate Maximum size of aggregate 12mm
(iii) Sand 2.2 Cuft
(iv) Stone Chips 6 Cuft
(v) H.T. Steel
(a) Dia of wire 4mm
(b) No. of wire 12 nos. tensioned & 2 Nos un-tensioned
(c) Weight of wire 13.5kg
(vi) Other M.S. Reinforcement 13.5kg
(a) H.T. Wire Rings 12 Nos stirrups of 4mm wire
(b) H.T. Wire Hooks 2nos.
(c) Weight of steel 1.2 Kg Approx
10 Process adopted for compacting & curing Compacting by shutter vibrators & curing by steam/water
11 Earthing arrangement in each pole
(i) Length of G.I. wire & SWG 7.2Mtrs. 8SWG
(ii) Weight of G.I. wire 0.75Kg
(iii) No. of galvanized bolts with 2 nuts & 3 washer 2nos. bolts with 2 nuts & 3 washers
12 Method of pre-stressing Electrically operated tension tower
13 Concrete mix and cube strength after
(i) 72 Hours Min 245Kg/Cm2
(ii) 28 days Min 450Kg/Cm2
14 Are these supports suitable for use at angle points where stays are needed Yes